About Me

Hi, I’m Ryan and I’m running to be the State Representative for house district 20. I’m a father, husband, and proud 6th generation Iowan. I was raised in a family that valued hard work and commitment to community. From the early age of eight, I helped my father with his work in construction and was hooked. There’s nothing that shows the value of hard work and the rewards that come from it quite like building something with your own two hands.

After graduating from West Central Valley High School in Stuart, I went on to AIB College of Business for both a degree in business and finance. I knew I was going to start my own business one day and wanted to be prepared. But to put myself through college I had to work three jobs. I earned my Associate Degree in 2007, and my Bachelor’s degree in 2011. In 2009, I met my wife Heather. From the get-go, I knew she was special. Together, we moved to Virginia in 2011 after Heather took a job in her field of study, actuarial science.

While in Virginia, I started to experience challenges with my health. For three uncertain years, my health declined as doctors debated next steps and I fought with insurance companies. Our healthcare system is so antiquated, at one point I had to fly back to Iowa so I could see an in-network doctor. My health issues continued over the next couple years and eventually brought Heather and me back to Iowa.

In 2015, we finally found answers while at the Mayo Hospital in Rochester. I underwent spinal surgery and was able to fully recover. We briefly thought we were done with the horrid healthcare industry, but then my father experienced health issues of his own.  Our family was put in a terrible spot, one too many families know, and made tough decisions like signing a DNR to be keep my dad on the optimal floor of the hospital. A few days later, my dad passed away from congestive heart failure.

It was tough dealing with all of these challenges, but I got through thanks to the support of my family, my community, and my faith. In 2014, I converted to Catholicism, and in 2015 I married Heather at All Saints Catholic Church in Stuart. With a new lease on life, a new family, and some challenging experiences too many families understand, I rededicated my life to community and social justice.

We began to volunteer, got more involved in politics, and I served as President of the local Chamber of Commerce. At the same time, I started a real estate business by purchasing and renovating my childhood home. Over the years I acquired a number of properties throughout the district, including here in Stuart. In 2018, the Country Kitchen in Stuart went up for sale and our family bought it to keep this staple in the community.

As we developed buildings and our involvement in the community, we also wanted to build out our family. In October of 2018, we did just that. Heather and I welcomed our daughter, Sloane (affectionally know as Green Bean) to the world. The three of us live in Stuart.

I’m running for State Representative because of my passion for community and my desire for a good future for my family and yours. I know my experiences personally, professionally, and in the community will make me a strong advocate for working families. It’s time the folks in Des Moines focused on everyday Iowans from river-to-river.

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